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Milan Single A5 Wedding Invite Template

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Milan Free Downloadable Templates

2 templates are required to make this invitation; the card and the reply card. Invitation templates are available in 3 formats in either formal or informal wording. A 'personalised' invitation is where you can type in your guests names. An 'open' invitation has a line for you to handwrite the names once you have printed the invitation. A 'cordial' invitation is where no guests names are used (this is handy if you want spares to send out at the last minute!).

To download, follow these instructions:

  1. Right click on the blue arrow icon (left of the template title that you want) and select 'save target as'.
  2. Choose where you want to save it to, click save and away you go.
  3. Each template will only take a few seconds to download.

To use the template once you have downloaded it:

  1. Double click the template icon and Microsoft Word will open and show the invitation template.

  2. All the templates are saved in the font'Arial' as this is common to the majority of PC's. Just change the names, dates, venue etc. to suit by selecting the text and typing over it. If you want to change the font, just highlight/select the text and choose another font. If you change the font, you may need to change the size to make it fit properly and look good.

  3. Print on A4 size test paper - you may need to make minor adjustments for the margins to fit your printer but we have created the templates with the majority of settings in mind - so most of you shouldn't have too many problems.

Reply Cards A5 personalised invite formal A5 personalised invite informal
A5 cordial invite formal A5 cordial invite informal    
A5 open invite formal A5 open invite informal    

Milan Recipe & Instructions

Makes 50 invitations with separate reply cards and reply envelopes plus wax sealed outer envelopes (covers approximately 90 guests). Total costs are less if you do not require replies.

Ingredients List
2 pks
Card - choose a style & colour
2 pks
C5 Envelopes - choose a colour
2 pks
C6 Cartridge Envelopes (for the replies) - choose a colour
Wax Seal - choose a design
Wax Sticks - choose a colour
Ink Pad - choose a colour
Rubber Stamp - choose a design
3 bags
Heart Confetti - for the finishing touches (you could use the freeze dried rose petals if your budget allows)
You will also need:
Access to a computer and printer, a lighter/matches, a pair of scissors or a guillotine, a ruler, and a small bowl with an ice cube (no kidding - it comes in handy!).

Full Instructions:

  1. Print your invitations onto the A4 card using our free Word templates from the top of this page.. There will be two invitations per sheet and we have included a space for your rubber stamp (you can print a logo or picture if you would rather). We suggest you practice on plain white paper first so you don't waste your card. Then cut your invitation sheets into 2 so that each invitation is A5 in size.

  2. Print your reply cards so that 4 fit onto 1 sheet of A4 card (again, use our Word templates for an easy life!).

  3. Cut the replies into 4 so each card is A6 in size (a guillotine provides the best finish - but scissors or a craft knife are fine if you're careful!)

  4. Print the reply envelopes with your reply address - or stick address labels on if your printer won't take the envelopes. Insert each reply card into a reply envelope.

  5. If you are using a rubber stamp - practice on some paper first to check how hard to press and where the middle of the stamp falls. When you are confident, carefully stamp your motif onto the top of your invitations. Leave to dry for an hour.

  6. Sprinkle some confetti or rose petals inside the large outer envelope for a finishing touch - then put the reply envelope with card in as well - behind the invitation. Seal the large outer envelope.

  7. Practice a couple of times lighting the wax stick - drip about 10 drips,then take the wax seal (make sure it's the right way up) impress the left side of the seal into the left edge of the melted wax - roll it to the right. Practice will result in the best seals! NOTE - you will never get a perfect seal - this is done by hand and you will always have a wobbly, unsymmetrical finish - this is normal and authentic.

  8. Now do it for real on the back of the envelope join. TIP - when you finish each one - place the wax seal on top of your ice cube - this will keep it cool and stop it sticking. As you take it off the ice cube - dab it on some tissue to take of any excess water.

Other things you can do with this invitation

  1. Silk paintings look amazing - they do take time but if you're an arty type, give it a go. You can buy silk, gutta, pins, brushes, silk paint and frames from most art shops. Set up a frame and draw hearts or stars with the gutta, leave to dry, then paint. Cut the silk into mini pictures and use double sided tape to stick them to the front of the invitation, then outline with gutta.

  2. Use a contrast seal:
    When sealing your envelopes, you can create a contrast seal by stamping your wax seal onto your ink pad first. This works best with either gold or silver ink in red or blue wax.

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