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Wedding Place Card Template

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Place Cards Recipe & Instructions

Ingredients List
1 pk
Card - choose a style & colour
Ink Pad - choose a colour
Rubber Stamp - choose a design
You will also need:
A pair of scissors or a guillotine and a ruler.

Full Instructions:

  1. You can get 8 place cards out of 1 sheet of A4 card. Mark up each sheet of card in a grid so that each place card is 105mm tall by 74.25mm wide.

  2. Cut up the cards.

  3. Using a tray or some solid edge, butt up each card (on the short side) to the edge and use that to easily fold the card in half. Crease each one well.

  4. If you are using a rubber stamp - practice on some paper first to check how hard to press and where the middle of the stamp falls. Now open up the place cards so they are flat out (not folded). When you are confident, carefully stamp your motif onto one half of the place card. Leave to dry for an hour.

  5. Using a gold or silver pen (available from art or craft shops) you can write your guests names by hand either over the motif, or on the other side. If you did this, the motifs would appear on the inside circle of the table - viewable by those sitting opposite.

Other things you can do with this card:

  1. Silk paintings look amazing - they do take time but if you're an arty type, give it a go. You can buy silk, gutta, pins, brushes, silk paint and frames from most art shops. Set up a frame and draw hearts or stars with the gutta, leave to dry, then paint. Cut the silk into mini pictures and use double sided tape to stick them to the cards, then outline with gutta.

  2. Use a wax seal. If you want to finish your cards with a wax seal, place it in the bottom right hand corner of each place card. This will still allow you plenty of room to write your guests names.

  3. Use a wax seal with a ribbon tail. If you want to finish your cards with a seal and tail, use 15mm wide ribbon and cut it into lengths of 8cm. Place the ribbon in position on the bottom right hand corner. Allow about 1-1.5cm to sit on the card. Then drip the wax onto the ribbon near the top. Roll the seal in the wax from top to bottom. Then trim the ribbon into a an upside down 'V'.

  4. You can print your guests names onto the card at the beginning. To do this, you will need to set up a Word document into the grids and align your text accordingly. A great, professional finish but this can be fiddly if you're not good with Word!

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