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Order of Service Scrolls & Order of the Day Scrolls

What is an order of the day?

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What is an Order of the Day?

An order of the day is for civil ceremonies where guests will not be singing hymns or sitting through a long ceremony. An order of the day scroll includes the 'timetable' for the day so your guests know what is happening and when. An example is shown below.

3.00pm - Groom meets guests on arrival

3.15pm - Arrival drinks of your choice in the Green Room

4.00pm - Arrival of the Bride

4.15pm - The Marriage Ceremony in the Library - Conducted by Rachel Green - Registrar

5.00pm - Champagne and hors d'oeuvres on the Terrace

5.30pm - Photographs

6.30pm - The Wedding Banquet in the Great Hall

9.00pm - Dancing in the Marquee to 'Midnight Jazz'

Order of Service Scrolls - Free Downloadable Templates

To download, follow these instructions:

  1. Right click on the blue arrow icon (left of the template title that you want) and select 'save target as'.
  2. Choose where you want to save it to, click save and away you go.
  3. Each template will only take a few seconds to download.

To use the template once you have downloaded it:

  1. Double click the template icon and Microsoft Word will open and show the invitation template.

  2. All the templates are saved in the font 'Arial' as this is common to the majority of PC's. Just change the names, dates, venue etc. to suit by selecting the text and typing over it. If you want to change the font, just highlight/select the text and choose another font. If you change the font, you may need to change the size to make it fit properly and look good.

  3. Print on A4 size test paper - you may need to make minor adjustments for the margins to fit your printer but we have created the templates with the majority of settings in mind - so most of you shouldn't have too many problems.

A4 order of service scroll template A4 order of the day scroll template

Order of Service/Day Scroll Recipe & Instructions

Ingredients List
2 packs
Paper - choose a style & colour
15 metres
Ribbon - choose your own from a local store (30cms per scroll)
You will also need:
Access to a computer and printer, a pair of scissors, a tape measure or ruler and a something like a broom handle to tie your ribbon around.

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Full Instructions:

  1. Print your scrolls onto the A4 sheets of paper (use the free Word templates downloadable from the top of this page).

  2. Cut your ribbon into 30cm lengths

  3. Tie the ribbon lengths around something like a broom handle - or something with a diameter of about 25mm. Trim the ends at an angle.

  4. Roll each scroll (start rolling from the bottom with it face up) so that it's small enough to slide into your ties - it will expand to fit the tie as you let go.

Other things you can do with this scroll:

  1. Silk paintings look amazing - they do take time but if you're an arty type, give it a go. You can buy silk, gutta, pins, brushes, silk paint and frames from most art shops. Set up a frame and draw hearts or stars with the gutta, leave to dry, then paint. Cut the silk into mini pictures and use double sided tape to stick them to the top of the scrolls, then outline with gutta.

  2. Use a rubber stamp to print a motif onto the tops of the scrolls or on the reverse so that you see it when the scroll is rolled up.

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